Your own online remarketing platform for your used vehicles - Conduct car auctions yourself!



Offers three ideal remarketing tools...

  1.  Classic online vehicle auctions
  2.  Online vehicle overview
  3.  Fixed price / shop sale of vehicles


...and four clear advantages for you:

  1. Less marketing effort and thus time savings for you as the seller
  2. Greater geographical scope for your sales
  3. Transparency and structure in used vehicle marketing
  4. Reduction of the number of standing days of your vehicles


Offer your dealer's vehicles in your own online remarketing system: for your buyers, regional or even supra-regional

Dealer vehicles are vehicles with characteristics such as
  • high mileage or
  • high age or
  • high number of days on the road

Modern software sets the course for a more efficient and streamlined used car trade

In the automotive industry, too, it is a fact that nothing works without digitization!
The trend towards netbooks, tablet-devices und smartphones further continues and offers highest possible flexibility and mobility to users. With modern and sustainable systems big strategical advantages come up in particular concerning the trade of used car like customer care and shorter dwell times.

Online auctions
are a way to market cars directly to buyers without much effort on the Internet. But not only single vehicles are possible, but also parts and packages of several vehicles.

Remarketing: Professionally carry out online vehicle trader's auctions employing your own auction system

CarBidOne is an excellent and mature solution for online auctions. A Software which enables car dealers to carry out online auctions of dealer's vehicles directly in their own web page. Thanks to internet technology the installation of special software is necessary neither ate the site of the shop assistant nor at buyer's side. The expenditure for the adjusting of cars is minimised via automated imports of master data and images.
Buyers can offer using PCs, tablets or even smartphones.

Accelerate commercial remarketing of your used vehicles: independent and commission-free

CarBidOne is an ideal tool for customer relation management.
A standard layout with a header is already included in our offer. On request, we can also design and programme a special layout design for you.
All relevant data at a car auction are managed through the administration site: simply and clearly.
CarBidOne can be also used as a mandator's version: as a common, company covering auction platform for several establishments of a group or several independent companies. 

Individually and easily and without any additional fees you will increase transparency and profit contribution

CarBidOne has many ideal advantages:
  • Auction platform especially designed for car auctions
  • Import interface for vehicle basic data
  • Simple image import
  • Integration of online B2B car auctions directly into your website
  • Suitable for PC, tablet and mobile phone
  • Suitable for PC, tablet and mobile phone
  • Reduction of standing days
  • Improvement of the contribution margin
  • Less effort for your employees
  • Tried and tested over several years in practical use
  • Integrated reporting

Optimal selling prices for your vehicles

The marketing of used vehicles on car auctions, with the participation of selected partners only, ensures you to sell your vehicles at the best possible sales prices.
Due to the trust based relationship between you and your buyers the will be no high costs for external expertise.
With CarBidOne you overcome regional price differences and thus can achieve the highest sales price for your vehicles on the automotive market.

What our customers think
Lars Haseloff, Betriebsleitung & Verkaufsleitung Autohaus Böttche

Lars Haseloff, Management & Sales Management Autohaus Böttche GmbH about CarBidOne:

"The auction system not only gives us more income, but also, for the first time, structure in the buyer business.
Clear structure with all legal safeguards and nevertheless increased gross income.
All this with more time for the sales consultant, who can concentrate more on his retail business."
Michael Wilke, Geschäftsführer der Rüschkamp GmbH

Michael Wilke, Managing Director Franz Rüschkamp GmbH about CarBidOne:

"CarBidOne is for us the perfect tool for our used car remarketing.
Since the start of the project, the number of auctions carried out and the number of participating dealers has developed far beyond the initially targeted volume - and this with reduced workload for buyers and sellers. Thanks to browser technology, I can quickly and easily make changes, start an auction or view current statistics from anywhere. The big advantage for us is that our used cars are quickly delivered to our buyers with the maximum range and at maximum achievable market prices. We always have transparency as to which vehicles have been sold when, at what price and to whom."
André Putzker,  Leiter des Fuhrparks Stadtmobil CarSharing GmbH Karlsruhe

André Putzker, Fleet manager Stadtmobil CarSharing GmbH, Karlsruhe, about CarBidOne:

"Stadtmobil CarSharing GmbH & Co KG offers its customers in the Karlsruhe region over 950 vehicles. This vehicle stock is constantly updated and this means that older vehicles have to be replaced and resold regularly.
By the auctions with CarBidOne this is possible without large expenditure of time and above all fast and with very good contribution margin increases. As fleet manager, I have more time to devote to daily fleet management.
Another big advantage I find is that you can use your own platform to eliminate the middleman (other auction providers) and act on your own responsibility as well as independent of time."
Andreas Hotzfeld,  Leiter GFZ Einkauf Autohaus Falter GmbH Worms

Andreas Hotzfeld, Head of Used Vehicles Purchasing Department Autohaus Falter GmbH, Worms, about CarBidOne:

"At seven locations in southwest Germany, Autohaus Falter is the point of contact for the Mercedes-Benz and Smart brands. When introducing CarBidOne, we focused on significantly reducing the number of days on which our used cars are parked. The complete transparency of sales enabled us to meet the Group's compliance security requirements. These are significant improvements over the time before the introduction of CBO!
Another main reason for the introduction of CarBidOne for us was the guaranteed compliance security."

Alexander Troisler, Responsible for used cars at Autohaus Gerster (Austria)

Alexander Troisler, Responsible for used cars at Autohaus Gerster (Austria) about CarBidOne:

"We remarket our used cars for resellers and damaged cars 100% through the CarBidOne platform. Our experiences are consistently positive!  Our sales and gross profits have increased. The system is absolutely transparent and supports our CMS. We were able to triple the number of participating dealers in a short time and are very satisfied with the quality of the registered dealers!
All in all a tool, that we would not like to miss anymore!"
Information for your success

Optimal selling prices

  • Intuitive user interface leads uncomplicated from editing of new vehicles up to conducting auctions.
  • Quick editing of vehicles by supporting wireless cameras that can upload vehicle images directly to the web server.
  • The bidder may be additionally informed about your latest news via newsticker and newsletter.
  • The sales overview provides a close look at completed and currently running auctions.
  • E-mail texts notifying the bidders and individual texts for the site can be freely edited.
  • All registered bidders will be automatically notified via e-mail about new started auctions.
  • Increase transparency of your car auctions: for each auction a bidding history can be shown.
  • For every bidder all auctions are listed, where he has participated so far.
  • A login statistics provides information of general interest in the offered auctions.
  • Optional interfacing the sales management system of your car dealership.
  • Smartphone supporting layout for buyers in several languages.

Your advantages

  • No fees for buyers
  • Easy to use
  • Reduction of holding days
  • Improvement of the contribution margin
  • Less expenditure for your employees
  • Transparently documented sales
  • Bidding agent for your clients
  • Fair equality of all buyers
  • No costs necessary for advice due to the relationship of trust between you and your buyers
  • Integrated reporting
  • Suitable for PC, Tablet and Mobile Phone.

Full transparency: Buyers and Sales


Full transparency:  Buyers

All participants who attend the vehicle auction must authenticate before a login.
New partners are subjected before attending your examination and access to your sales system only after a positive review.

Full transparency:  Sales
With this software the EINS GmbH guarantees you at any time a coordinated and timely monitored selling of your vehicles.
Any questions?

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Of course, we will also present the system in structure and function on site at your premises if you wish!
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