Take immediate advantage of the process improvements for your car dealership in remarketing used cars and dealer vehicles with CarBidOne


11 Good reasons for CarBidOne

  1. CarBidOne is an ideal instrument for customer loyalty: You create an excellent relationship of trust with your buyers, even if they come to you less often.
  2. Less effort for your sellers and thus a significant time gain: all dealers are automatically notified by e-mail (at night) about new vehicles and ending
    auctions; thus all buyers can be reached at the same time. Your sellers will then have more time for the detail business.
  3. Significantly fewer sales calls and spontaneous, unsolicited visits by buyers on site.
  4. Less effort also for your buyers, since they can inform themselves about current and new vehicles at any time in CarBidOne.
  5. VIP auctions / sales: offer selected vehicles only to a certain circle of buyers (e.g. your regular buyers).
  6. Sale directly to buyers and higher profit margins, as no intermediate trade is involved.
  7. Reduction of standing days.
  8. Auctions can be started every day. If you need space for vehicles, you can start a new auction for 2 or 3 days quickly and with only a few vehicles.
  9. Greater geographical reach for buyers: they have access to your offers via the Internet and do not have to travel to the auction.
  10. More transparency and structure: all sales (and auction bids) are digitally documented in one system and can be accessed at any time.
  11. Compliance: You can prove that you have offered your vehicles to a certain group of buyers without giving preference to individuals

Frequently asked questions

Is using CarBidOne risk-free for me?
Yes, in the standard contract you only have to pay an auction fee if at least one bid has been placed by one of your buyers.

You don't have staff to hire?

Work with local appraisers who will inspect and hire a vehicle for you for a small amount.

You don't have the right vehicles for auctions?

Use the marketing tools online vehicle overview and fixed price / shop sale of vehicles. Benefit from the automatic notification of your dealers and enable your dealers to inform themselves in advance - this saves time for all parties involved.

Do you have too few vehicles for auctions?

You can also use CarBidOne for a few vehicles per year - the minimum number would be only 30 auctions per year.

You have too few buyers for your dealer vehicles?

We will launch a Google campaign in your region for three months to win buyers for you.